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Self Service Dog Wash

Petland East Broad’s self-service dog wash area is perfect for your pet. You’ll find everything you need to get your pet clean. We provide all you need: Shampoo, Towels, and even a professional high-velocity dryer. All of our washing stations are elevated so you can wash your pet at a comfortable height. We even have easy access steps for your pet to walk right into the bathing area.

You can also sign up for our frequent bather program that allows you to repurchase five baths and get an extra for free.

Follow these steps

For the best dog washing experience

1. Escort dog into tub
2. Attach tub restraints to your dog
3. Rinse your dog
4. Add shampoo
5. Rinse away suds

6. Turn water off
7. Dry your dog with our complimentary towel
8. Use dryer to finish
9. Brush down hair and remove any knots
10. Reward them with a treat

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