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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • The employees are super knowledgeable and nice. They never hesitate to answer your questions and have great suggestions for all types of animals. On that not the animals that are available for adoption are adorable!

    V. Hutt

  • I got a bearded dragon last week and was helped by a super great individual named Tavian. They were so helpful in determining what pet would best suit my needs and were very honest and upfront about what caring for this pet would require. They were very helpful with finding all of the supplies I needed and really made me feel valued as a customer. I really enjoyed my experience, and without such a great employee I probably wouldn't have actually felt confident or comfortable enough to get my little guy and know how to take care of him! Best Petland location I have been to so far!

    P. Stachowiak

  • Though small, this store is really nice. Very clean and well organized.
    Staff super friendly and helpful.
    The pet selections, cats in particular are small but it has to be one of the nicest Petlands.
    This store, save it's size, should be a model for all their stores.👍
    The girl that helped me was super friendly and chatty, I appriciate this in customer service. You don't find people in retail like that often, and that may be the reason some are mistaking this kind of service for something other than great customer service.

    Leap Frog

  • When ever me and me god son go, and many times we don’t buy anything, but sometimes we do.. they are so kind. Right away they are like family . It’s such a great place .

    A. Williams

  • I Absolutely Love ❤ coming here so I can give my dog a bath, they provide everything for you and buy item's especially on sale. The worker's have Excellent Customer Service with Satisfaction. They're so nice, loving and helpful, they have suggestions on your issue's at hand. My dog 🐕 loves ❤ to come here because they Always give her a treat. They have all sorts of animals you can choose from as well, my dog stops and looks at the animals and bird's too. It's very clean and safe to explore their stores. My location is on East Broad Street in Reynoldsburg OH. Check ✔ them out please.

    A. Douglas

  • The associate that helped me was very personable. The store is clean. The pets looked great, and had no bad odors. It was easy to find what I was looking for. I highly recommend checking the place out! Also, my puppy was very welcomed!

    B. Meredith

  • Amazing experience. It may seem small from the outside but this place has everything you need for your fur baby. The most important thing is they have two large stations for washing and drying your dog! The younger staff were extremely helpful and friendly

    R. McGowan

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